I can’t be positive, but I’m pretty sure it was actually raining when I came up with the name for my blog. Naming anything always causes me much anxiety (don’t get me started on how difficult it was to name my three daughters), so I was hurting my brain trying to come up with a label that would encompass what my blog was to become. As a child, I loved walking in the rain. Sometimes I used an umbrella and sometimes I didn’t, but the song, “Singing in the Rain,” always came to mind and, more often than not, came out of my mouth. singing

“Singing in the rain,

Just singing in the rain.

What a glorious feeling;

I’m happy again.”

Pure joy. The lyrics to the song speak to me. There is an assumption that happy wasn’t always the reality. And rain isn’t usually what we associate with happiness. But this song mixes everything together. I love that. I love the unleashed joy that can be experienced by throwing off all the cares of the world (and of your hair) and just walking right out into the rain. I love that someone can feel so free after being sad or stressed or afraid or angry that they would dance and sing in the rain.

And that’s what I envision for my blog. I envision mixing the rain with the singing, the glorious feeling of happiness with the lingering cloud of that from which we have been freed. And that’s what I’m going to do.

I have been teaching English since 2000. I spent most of my career in the eighth grade classroom. I finally graduated junior high in 2016 and moved to a high school classroom. In order to make that jump, I had to make sacrifices, and I had to leap. I had to throw off all of my worries and just…sing in the rain. And this is my story.